Monday, September 29, 2008

So today!!!!

I get up and start running around the house getting ready...thinking I have to hurry or else im gonna be late to work!,..I get all the way to Bellevue as I get off the exit i realise its Monday and I dont have to be at work until 9:30...SO I got coffee and breakfast then called into work and they let me come in early so it worked out good!

This past weekend was dope! I went to Spokane with Grynch he opened for the Blue Scholars/Hyrogliphics out at Gonzaga...The he forgot the charger to his laptop but it was a college so it was easy to find another one. Dj Press Play was getting busy behind them tables for about 500 screaming students. Grynch killed it we sold a decent amount of shirts and cds...then...we went to Deju Vu in Spokane...(not fun) Stripper grabbin our nipples and asking Grynch if he wants his pickle played

Then I went to the Blue Scholars show again on Saturday at the SHowbox is was really dope those dudes have some loyal fans. Drink free beer backstage is always a good time also

Until next time folks!

Ryan(On A Mission)

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