Monday, February 23, 2009

Crazy story of the month!

So Cousin Ed Is in town from Pittsburgh we are chilling doing all sorts of things today...The one thing he really wanted to do was go to top of the space needle...When we got to the Space Needle I was tryin to be a funny guy and asked the lady at the ticket counter if I could get the 13 year old price for myself...she chuckled and said "yeah not gonna work better luck next time" So I proceeded too pass her my debit card she gave me back my card and the ticket $16 bucks later I had my ticket in I was about to let Ed come up to the window to get his ticket the lady says "Wake Up and Smell The Hip Hop...Seattle what do you know about hip hop" I said "a lot" she said "spit me a verse or something" I said "i dont rap" she says.."well what do you do" "I manage a couple of cats like Jay Barz and some other dudes...shes says "ohhh no wayyy you manage Jay Barz I just heard him last sunday on KEXP with a couple other people talking about a birthday party...I was like yeahhh thats my b day party they were talking about...Then I said Im just out here showing my Cousin Ed around Seattle...Then ED walks up and slides his money through the slot...she slides the money and his ticket back through the window and hooks him up with a free pass...

I wanna thank
Jay Barz & my hoody 

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