Friday, December 12, 2008


Okay first things first they didn't let camera's inside so no pics. Sorry peoples

Second IM gonna get my angry parts out about the show/venue 
First off the bastards tricked me..They said all 5 members of BONE were gonna be there but nooooo nooo Krazie Bone last night WACKKKKK! I was sooo pumped to see them all back together again!
Then they didnt even perform 1st of the month! wtf is up with that? soooo wack! 

The venue is the worst place to put on a hip hop show. Throwing Hip Hop shows at a rock venue is never a good idea 95 percent of the security guards are dick heads! There's a couple cool ones but for the most part they are dicks! 

Lux The Pilot and his crew of people 
Opened up the show
The crowd was pretty much just chillen no reaction at all really.
Until they did their own remix to arab money dance and all the crowd was pretty entertained by that and it was pretty entertaining to watch also.

His first verse he did silenced the entire crowd it was pretty dang amazing don't think I've ever seen someone do that before.  He came out and pretty much had the entire crowd paying attention to him.  Grynch came out and did home with Speedy but SPeedy forgot his verse so that song got cut short! Speedy is super agressive on stage both when he should be and shouldnt be! LOL

He was the final act before the show started. Pimp Juice was his hype man again that was tight!
The crowd was fuckin with Neema they were feeling him a lot...He had a lot of fan's there and ripped through a dope set!

Mo Thugs came out and BLAH!!! they all pretty much suck!

Then Bone came out and KILLED IT 

It was funny to see peoples reactions to Krazie not being there.

Flesh came out to "world so cruel" the crowd loved it! It was dope to see him back home and on the road performing

Bizzy came out next and without Krazie there Bizzy was def a crowd favorite He's def my fav outta all of Bone

Layzie and Wish came out next to round out the first song they performed they ripped through pretty much all of e 1999.

They also did old school cuts like "Thuggish Ruggish Bone" "Days of our lifes" The crowd went nuts when Bizzy came on and did his verse "for the love of money"

Over all it was nice to stand there pretty much in the crowd and be a fan of a show...I left and my voice was kinda going out by the end of the night from rapping along to all the songs!

I give this show a 7/10 If it was at a better venue with better sound and if Krazie was there it might of been a 9/10...

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