Sunday, December 7, 2008


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Subways are crazy! You can tell whos a tourist by the people that cant stand still lol
They are grimy gooey gross shit falling from the ceilings all wet and dirty with rats running around the tracks but they are also dope on some super New York shit.  Tons of people just fall asleep and chill on the subway its crazy I could never do that.
New York city over all was dope its just as fast paced as I thought it would be (oh by the way this was my first time ever to NYC) I got to see almost all the site's to be seen.  Times square was super dupe and exciting we ate at BBQ's I had the best bbq chicken ever there!  Did a little bit of shopping (didnt have much money to spend/no room to fit anything in my suitcase) But I did buy a New Era hat necklace and of course a new Yo MTV RAPS fitted from the MTV store!
Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle
So we got there early to a huge line...Thought it was all townbizzneszz main but the security guards were on some super NYC shit and we had to wait in line in like 32 degree weather but it was all good...we got inside and a dude slid me 5 vip passes just because so we got to chill in the producer area.  So i claimed a good seat from the jump!  After Jake and Vita battled and they got all the speakers working okay the show jumped off! I was glad to see Rob Bates beat Illminds (just cause i root for the underdog) Both the Seattle guys lost in the first round that was wack but oh well!  I loved the fact that C Sick won the entire battle hes a very good beat maker! ALC's performance/beat showcase was off the hook! Ghostface's show was dope as fuck too but the NYC crowd just wasnt getting into it...and people say Seattle crowds are wack on Monday for WU TANG in Seattle people went banannas for the songs Ghostface did in NYC and the crowd just stood there! 
The rest of the trip was good went to Brooklyn seen the bridge and all that good stuff had some mexican food
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